Pomegranate (Red)
January 25, 2021
Pomegranate Ceramic
Pomegranate (Ceramic) Large
January 25, 2021
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Pomegranate (Red) Large


* Zinc alloy casted metal which is nickel and ferrous free
* Heat and fade resistant discs
* Black leather cord
* Lobster claw clip plus extender
* 55mm diameter circles


Pomegranates: a symbol of fruitfulness & prosperity; a reminder of God’s blessings.

This ruby red fruit is first mentioned as part of God’s instructions for the making of priestly garments. “Make pomegranates of blue, purple and scarlet yarn around the hem of the robe, with gold bells between them…” Exodus 28:33–35. Brass pomegranate designs also featured prominently in Solomon’s Temple.

When you wear this neckpiece be mindful of God’s eternal promises of fruitfulness, blessing, and prosperity (Numbers 13:23; Deuteronomy 8:8).

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