About Us


Fill your wardrobe with items that make you happy

We believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful. Waking up in the morning, opening your cupboard and choosing an outfit to wear should be a joyful experience – yet for so many of us, it is filled with dissatisfaction from ill-fitting clothes or boring items that make you feel drab.

With their unique and vibrant designs, our neckslevel pieces add sparkle to your outfits – no matter what age or size you are! Our pieces are not necklaces (per say), but rather striking accessories that complement and complete an outfit – especially if you usually wear plain items. We have seen firsthand how our clients light up with confidence and joy when they wear their neckslevel pieces – and now it is your turn to look “next level”!


Where did this story begin?

Neckslevel is a female-owned family business, focussed on empowering women with entrepreneurial opportunity. Locally made in Somerset West, our neckpieces are assembled with care and affordably priced so that everyone can look and feel amazing.

We are constantly bringing out new designs (and keeping the classic favourites of course) so that you can build your collection and look fabulous every time you step out.